Staff Editorial: The case against SU’s anonymity

By voting anonymously, SU undermines not only its own legitimacy but also democratic norms at large.

Opinion Submission: The state of the university: Unresponsive and dismissive

To the administration: I hope today you’ve learned some things that made you pause or got you thinking about your communication with the student body.

| Class of 2025

Staff Editorial: If you’re raising tuition, tell us where it’s going

This year’s tuition raise is the highest since 2014 with little to no information on how the money will be spent.

Staff Editorial: Regarding tuition, we need less pomp, more circumstance

The issue is, students and families don’t know exactly where their money is going, or how it’s being used, nor are we privy to any information about how tuition increases are calculated each year. We are asking for a detailed breakdown of University expenses, broken down by general category.

Reading between the lines: Why administrative jargon is failing us

From the embarrassingly marketing-laden websites to the contrived allusions to a commitment to diversity, the expectation that we students should treat the administration as an external, distant entity is very quickly and clearly communicated to us freshmen. Is it any wonder that we treat brochures as punchlines? 

| Contributing Writer

Staff editorial: The University’s Thanksgiving policy flip-flop flopped

Yet again, the University’s communication with us has been lacking transparency and timeliness, leaving us in the dark when we need to be anywhere else.

Staff Editorial: We need transparency before it’s too late

But these changes are concerning, as they raise many questions that seem to not have any answers.

Staff Editorial: 2020 brings the hope of continued safety improvements

The Editorial Board commends Martin for his continuous effort and support on the matter, for being proactive rather than reactive to the safety of Wash. U. students.

Staff Editorial: In light of election snafu, SU needs more transparency

In light of these issues, the Student Life Editorial Board advocates for greater transparency from and within SU, and professionalism from SU toward resolving this situation and thereby ensuring future elections proceed in line with SU’s espoused values.

We must demand more from ThurtenE

Plenty of Wash. U. students plan charitable and community engaging events and don’t ask (nor want) compensation for their efforts. What makes ThurtenE different? Why does the University allow this lack of transparency?

| Staff Writer

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