Voters approve Proposition A as student turnout strong

Students and St. Louis County residents went to the polls on Tuesday to cast their say on a sales tax increase for Metro, as campus leaders continued their mobilization effort to get students to turnout. With the future of public transit and sales taxes in the region on the line, students and administrators leading pro-Proposition A efforts worked feverishly to turn out as many students as possible before polls close at 7 p.m. Meanwhile, cash-starved local opposition called and e-mailed supporters and tried to gain as much media exposure as possible.

| Enterprise Editor

Public transit and the spectacle of the city

I want you to support public transit. Not because it’s good for the environment. Not because it helps with economic development and jobs growth. Not because it provides accessibility to people who may not have other options for mobility. Those are all really good reasons to support public transit, but I want you to support it because it is fun.

Liz Kramer | Op-Ed Submission

WU continues pushing for Metro funding

Metro’s service cutbacks may have gone into effect, but that’s not stopping a number of Washington University students and administrators from continuing to advocate funding for the transit agency.

| Copy Chief

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