Top Chef

BD Employee to appear on Top Chef

When Wash. U. students tune in to the newest season of “Top Chef” this fall, they might be surprised to see a familiar face onscreen. Bravo announced the newest batch of competitors for the show’s 11th season on Saturday, and among the competing chefs is Wash. U. Dining Services’ very own Catherine Jackson. Jackson splits her time between Ursa’s and the ¡OSO Good!

Lady Fieri | Food programming editor

Reality Television: Rooting For The ‘B*tch’

As reality programming comes to dominate the television arena, requisite stereotypes of characters have emerged. It seems that every show has a few main staples that no good reality show can do without. But the one role that I am particularly interested in exploring is the role of the “bitch.” The “bitch” has appeared on […]

| Cadenza Reporter

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