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Title IX Changes

Breaking: Title IX revisions to shift how colleges investigate sexual assault and misconduct

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos formally issued new Title IX regulations for schools handling instances of sexual misconduct Wednesday. The updated rules are intended to go into effect Aug. 14.

Em McPhie | News Editor

Changing the rules: Lobbyist pressing Title IX changes motivated by son’s expulsion from WU

Lobbyist Richard McIntosh has proposed Title IX changes that would give the accused more power in the process statewide. His efforts to change the Title IX system followed his son’s expulsion through the Washington University Title IX process, as reported by the Kansas City Star.

| Editor-in-Chief

Washington University trains full-time Title IX investigator

The Washington University Title IX office is currently in the process of training its new lead investigator, Eva Fischer. This is the first time a full-time investigator position has existed within the Title IX office.

Jaden Satenstein | Senior Editor

Title IX comment-writing period ends, Title Mine plans next actions

Title Mine and WU Planned Parenthood Generation Action (WUPPGA) held two comment-writing drives Dec. 7 and Jan. 17, and provided resources for Washington University students to write and submit their own comments on the proposed regulations.

| News Editor

University forms Title IX advisory committee

The advisory committee will meet regularly throughout the semester to gather student input and advise the Title IX Office on how to improve and strengthen Title IX processes at the University.

| News Editor

Title Mine and WUPPGA host second comment writing party

Title Mine and WU Planned Parenthood Generation Action hosted their second comment writing event Thursday, Jan. 17.

| News Editor

Staff editorial: Make your voice heard on proposed Title IX changes

Wash. U. plans to reject the new changes to Title IX outright, which we commend, but it is important for students to share their disapproval, too.

WU prepares to comment on proposed Title IX changes

The Title IX investigation process is slated to change in accordance with a proposal from U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. Washington University plans to submit a comment to the Department of Education alongside the other institutions in the Association of American Universities detailing its objections to the proposal.

| Senior Editor

WU, Title Mine plan changes to Title IX website

Washington University administration and student group Title Mine held a focus group for the redesign of the Title IX website Oct. 18. This focus group is a part of a larger Title IX reform effort to create implementation groups, which are individualized committees working on different aspects of Title IX reform.

| Senior News Editor

Title Mine responds to Washington University’s report on Title IX updates

Student group Title Mine addressed changes to Washington University’s Title IX system with a statement posted to Facebook Sept. 4.

The statement details the demands that have been met, demands that are in progress and those that have not been met. It also explains what Title Mine organizers are currently doing in response to the changes.

and | Senior News Editors

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