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News outlets report Dybvig facing Title IX inquiry into sexual misconduct allegations

Bloomberg News reported in December that Philip Dybvig, a professor at Washington University, is facing an inquiry from the University’s Title IX office about allegations of sexual harassment.

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Reading between the lines: Why administrative jargon is failing us

From the embarrassingly marketing-laden websites to the contrived allusions to a commitment to diversity, the expectation that we students should treat the administration as an external, distant entity is very quickly and clearly communicated to us freshmen. Is it any wonder that we treat brochures as punchlines? 

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Heard of the Red Zone? We’re in it now

Though no office informs students about this phenomenon, Kennedy said that the Red Zone is reflected on WashU’s campus every year, though reported cases may not be completely accurate.

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Letter to the editor: An alum’s plea: Student Life needs to change

Bertlesman argues that “Student Life no longer has any reporting or investigating to offer. It never calls for comment beyond the standard statement. It never investigates further when there is clearly smoke in the air.”

| Class of 2019 and J.D. Class of 2022

How WU responded to DeVos Title IX regulations amid the pandemic

Following US Department of Education regulations that limited Title IX’s scope in May 2020, Washington University’s Title IX and Gender Equity Office, the Rape and Sexual Violence Prevention Center and student groups such as Title Mine have worked to implement a variety of new initiatives addressing the DeVos regulations.

| Staff Reporter

‘Our safety hangs in the balance’: Students demand WU take action to prevent sexual violence and support survivors

In a protest titled “Wash. U. Has a Problem,” organized by the group in charge of the Instagram account @metoowashu, students gathered across campus to demand that Washington University take action to prevent sexual violence.

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Staff Editorial: The Devos Title IX guidelines need to go

The Student Life Editorial Board finds the policy changes reprehensible and urges everyone on campus to campaign for change.

SU and Title Mine host town hall explaining WU’s Title IX guidance for student groups

Student Union and Title Mine, a survivor-focused activist group on campus, held a town hall, Feb. 4, with Washington University administrators to discuss new guidelines for student groups regarding Title IX issues in light of the Trump administration’s changes to federal policy.

| Senior News Editor

New Gender Equity Grievance Process fills gaps left by federal Title IX regulations

In response to new regulations from the U.S. Department of Education narrowing the scope of Title IX, Washington University has implemented new Title IX grievance processes and added a new procedure to cover instances of sexual misconduct that fall outside of the revised federal policy.

| Senior News Editor

Breaking: Title IX revisions to shift how colleges investigate sexual assault and misconduct

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos formally issued new Title IX regulations for schools handling instances of sexual misconduct Wednesday. The updated rules are intended to go into effect Aug. 14.

Em McPhie | News Editor

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