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‘Admissions doesn’t make mistakes’: Coping with imposter syndrome in the transition to Washington University

Students and psychology professors provide insight into dealing with one of college’s many challenges.

| Staff Reporter

Five lessons learned by a first-semester Bear and advice from her professors

I have attended Washington University for a little over three months—so I have all of the experience in the world under my belt and have decided to grace you with my words of wisdom. Just kidding!

Morayo Ladejola-Oginni | Contributing Writer

Veritas forum addresses motivation, achievement and success

The 2016 Veritas Forum addressed topics such as elevated stress levels, coping mechanisms and positive psychology in the context of the Washington University community on Thursday night.

George Zhou | Contributing Reporter

Forging a fellowship

Tim Bono could pass for an undergraduate. Not only does he look young and sound young for an ’05 Wash. U. graduate and a Ph.D. student, but he also lives on the South 40 as the only graduate student in Shepley Hall.

| Scene Reporter

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