Softball sophomore Tami Wong on her pandemic hobbies and what might come of the spring season

Wong, who was all-UAA in her freshman year, is no stranger to the spotlight.

| Senior Sports Editor

Repurposed through quarantine: WU senior takes fashion school to TikTok

Senior Emma Rubinson is now on the cusp of receiving her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts in fashion and is the creator of a TikTok account with just under 110,000 followers, where she shares her extensive knowledge about the inner workings of fashion to the online world.

| Staff Editor

Senior musicians on using quarantine as a growing experience 

Senior musicians Mitch Frauenheim and Aalisha Jaisinghani reflect on how COVID-19 has shaped their experiences this fall.

Grady Nance | Staff Writer

From quarantine boredom to TikTok fame: WU senior shares life behind the screen

Maya Nepos’ TikTok origin story began the same way as mine and probably yours too. After being sent home from school in March—in her case, a study abroad program—something had to fill the quarantine void. “I was just sad and in my room, and bored, and I was like ‘I guess I’ll download this, I don’t have anything else better to do with my time now that I have so much time.’”

Samra Haseeb | Staff Writer

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