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University to begin discussing removing traditional, modern price differences

Residential Life is seeking to relieve some of the financial strain involved in the housing selection process by considering a standard housing rate to remove the difference between traditional and modern dorms.

| Staff Reporter

Dining Services looks to Brown School cafe, Eco To-Go for changes next year

With major changes in the makeup of residential life next year due to increasing class sizes, Dining Services will adjust as needed, but has no explicit plans for change.

| Staff Reporter

Housing changes for sophomores mean the rent is too high

By moving more students to the Village or off-campus housing such as the Lofts, overall housing costs will increase. Inexpensive options will be a challenge to secure, leaving economically strapped students to foot the bill.

Students voice support, hope for improvement in disability accommodations

Junior Aaron Pang originally wanted to live in Millbrook this year. He and his prospective suitemates were looking to find an arrangement with a common room, which much housing on the north side of campus doesn’t offer.

| News Editor

Why security at the Village unnecessary

Those students living on the North Side might have noticed the addition of a badge-wielding security guard at the Village on weekend nights. It seems to me there might be two motivations behind the installation of this security. One is to ensure general order and prevent any unrest; the second is the prevention of theft.

| Staff Columnist

North Side Association plans for decreased budget this year

While the North Side Association has typically not been an active group in the past, the organization has increased its presence on campus this year, despite its smaller budget. The NSA has an almost entirely new board this year that hopes to make the NSA a stronger presence in spite of the budget decease.

| Staff Reporter

The Village Music Series: Dana Leong

Besides peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and Philly cheesesteaks, the Village has one more secret. Village Residential College Director Dan Sepion started the Village music series. This monthly event brings up-and-coming musicians from around the United States to perform at the Village. This month’s guest is Dana Leong, a Juilliard-trained musician who plays the cello and trombone.

| Cadenza Video Game Editor

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