The Bunny

‘Meet me at the Bunny’: The history of the iconic campus statue

Though “the Bunny” might not be as popular of a meeting spot as the First Year Center wants you to believe, it is still one of the most beloved art installations on the Danforth Campus.

Jaden Satenstein | Staff Writer

Are you the Bunny, a Swamp Creature Friend or any of the statues on campus?

Are you the Bunny, a Swamp Creature Friend or any of the statues on campus?

| Senior Scene Editor

A freshman’s guide to wacky staples of Wash. U.

The uniformity of the architectural style on Washington University’s campus is a large part of its aesthetic appeal. However, tucked away in the midst of Wash. U.’s charming medieval environs are some quirky—and perhaps even bizarre—elements.

Keerthanya Rajesh | Contributing Reporter

Better ideas for where the national news should set up camp

Next week, multiple media outlets will swarm our campus in preparation for debate No. 2. Seeing as we hardly have dorm space for our freshmen, we can’t help but wonder where exactly the Big League Chews like CNN and Fox News will spend their on-and off-hours.

Seeing sculptures: An Introduction to Campus Art

Every student at Washington University has the opportunity to see the sculptures located around campus daily, but not every student knows the stories behind the pieces.

Ali Gold, Elizabeth Grossman and Olivia Szymanski | Freshman Press Writers

Open letter from The Bunny

Dear Graffiti Artist(s), I know you better than you might think. I see you walk past me on the way to the library, wearing your Wash. U. sweatpants. I’ve stared at you lounging on the green grass. And I sat helplessly on my haunches last Friday night as you desecrated and defiled me. I’ve never done anything bad to you, mostly because I don’t do anything, period.

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