The Black Repertory Theatre

Student makes professional theatrical debut with The Black Rep

“Milk Like Sugar” centers around a pregnancy pact between the three main characters, 16-year-old girls and best friends Annie, T and Margie.

Sabrina Spence | Staff Writer

The Black Rep continues the BLM discussion with ‘Canfield Drive’

The world premiere of “Canfield Drive” with The Black Rep casts a fresh light on the 2014 shooting of Michael (Mike) Brown and the issues of police brutality and race that America was forced to confront as a result.

Sabrina Spence | Staff Writer

The Black Repertory transforms 560 Music Center

Every year, The Black Repertory Theatre—The Black Rep, for short—hosts a gala honoring notable black performers, culminating in a performance. This year’s gala took place Saturday, Nov. 3 at the 560 Music Center, featuring a performance of the concert version of “The Gospel at Colonus.”

Sabrina Spence | Staff Writer

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