The Beatles

Arlo Parks’ first album brings empathy at a time of trouble

“Collapsed in Sunbeams” is a tranquil and pure interpretation of modern alternative, R&B and pop.

| Staff Writer

‘The Beatles: Rock Band’

Last year, I often found myself wandering into my floor common room or one of my friends’ rooms to the sound of furious drumming and slightly off-key singing. Unfortunately, no one was trying to start a legitimate dorm-room garage-rock band, but another type of band was being formed—a “Rock Band” band. This video game took over many hours of my friends’ free time, but I never found myself getting in on the fun. I found it a little bit difficult to strum around on a song that I had never heard before, which, sadly, fit the criteria for most of the “Rock Band” songs. And then, on Sept. 9 of this year, everything changed.

Andie Hutner | Game Review

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