VIDEO: What to do with your COVID-19 tests

What’s the difference between pre-arrival and entry testing? This video has the answer to that question and more.

| Senior Multimedia Editor

Test on the material, not the format

In college, coming by extensive test preparatory materials isn’t as easy as it was in high school.

Ella Chochrek | Contributing Writer

More tests, not less

The New York Times ran an article a few weeks ago about the ways that different students learn. A study done by researchers at Purdue determined that the best way to learn was not reading, or re-reading, or creating concept maps. No, the best way to retain material both better and longer was to take a test.

| Forum Editor

Finals: A critique

It’s that time of the year when you start to question whether your only purpose in life is to peel yourself off of your chair in the library, slink downstairs, get coffee and repeat. However, this is not another article complaining about the drudgery of finals (even though I love complaining about the drudgery of finals).

| Forum Editor

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