Editor’s Note season 2 episode 11: Students grapple with the spring plan

In this week’s podcast, Managing Editor Ted Moskal and Senior Scene Editor Julia Robbins explore the impacts of the University’s spring plan.

| Senior Multimedia Editor

WU moves classes online for first two weeks of the spring semester

The University will also restrict most access to housing and on-campus services through at earliest Jan. 28.

and | Managing Editor and Editor-in-Chief

Testing access, student vaccination rate, exposure policy: Your campus COVID-19 questions answered

Free asymptomatic testing is available for all students in room 239 at the Danforth University Center, though the University has not advertised it.

| Senior News Editor

More like normal, but with masks: What to know from the fall plan

The announcement ushers in the start of a school year that will look more like pre-pandemic college, with predominantly in-person classes and no plans for surveillance testing.

, and | News Editors and Editor-in-Chief

Looking Back episode 2: Quarantine, testing and staying safe

This second episode of Looking Back, a three-part audio series, features Washington University students and administrators discussing the University’s safety procedures over the last year.

and | Staff Reporter and Senior Scene Editor

Editor’s Note Episode 18: Testing Expansion

In response to recent increases of student cases, Washington University made walk-in COVID-19 testing available at the Mudd Field testing tent for all undergraduate and graduate students on Monday, March 22. In this week’s episode, freshman Kamala Madireddi discusses the current state of COVID cases and testing with Senior News Editor junior Ted Moskal and […]

| Staff Reporter

You can’t have your pie and eat it too

I’m disappointed that there seems to be no clear administrative ruling on how to approach Thanksgiving this fall, but because of that, individual choices matter. 

Olivia Poolos | Staff Writer

Staff Editorial: We need transparency before it’s too late

But these changes are concerning, as they raise many questions that seem to not have any answers.

‘We have to be vigilant’: WU medical experts weigh in on fall testing strategy

Upon arrival to campus, all undergraduate, graduate and professional students will be required to complete a COVID test. Over the course of the semester, only undergraduate students will receive mass asymptomatic testing every two weeks, due to their status as a high risk population.

| Senior News Editor

OMG, GYT! From STIs to STDs

I’m sure that most of you would rather be thinking about blow jobs, porn or even anal sex instead of sexually transmitted diseases and infections. But I’m also sure that most of you are unaware that April is STI Awareness Month, thanks to a partnership between MTV, the Kaiser Family Foundation, Planned Parenthood, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and our own Student Health Services (SHS).

L Moore

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