Election issue profile: Terrorism

The topic of terrorism, and what our next president will do to combat it abroad and prevent it from happening at home, is a major concern. Our 2.5 candidates have some views worth looking at.

Lauren Alley | Contributing Writer

Recognizing terror, remembering Ezra Schwartz

Ezra Schwartz was just a boy. He was a boy who started food fights at camp and organized cabin mischief. A boy who sought to make others happy and brighten the lives of those around him. He was just a boy—an 18-year-old boy shot dead in his car by Palestinian terrorists on his way home from bringing food to Israeli soldiers.

Rachel Katzin | Contributing Writer

Charlie Hebdo cartoons were offensive, but cartoonists have a right to offend

Satire is often called the highest form of wit in that it points to the world’s hypocrisies and trivializes them. Through satire, we as a global society can grow by addressing the problems that someone more cynical identifies for us.

Wesley Jenkins | Staff Writer

The Ivory Soapbox—For Evil to Succeed

Last week, a brief, 16-page document was leaked to the press. Called “the White Paper,” the document outlines the Obama administration’s perceived justification in killing American citizens who are senior members of al-Qaida or related organizations. The argument is in three parts: first, “an informed, high-level official of the U.S.

| Forum Editor


On Oct. 23, CBS News released a series of emails issued by the State Department in the hours after the Sept. 11 attacks on the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans.

Brian Van Pelt | Staff Columnist

Things we didn’t get

What does September 11, 2001, mean for our generation—for those of us currently around college age? How did we experience those events that in the minds of many mark a paradigmatic shift in national and world history? When we were 13 or 12 or 11 or 10 years of age, what did the most massive terrorist attack we have seen, upon the nation in which we lived, mean to us?

| Managing Editor

Does nationality characterize terrorism?

The other day someone asked me if I was Nigerian. It wasn’t because my name implies the regional language called Yoruba, nor was it a lucky guess considering that Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country.

| Staff Columnist

Noted scholar on Middle East to discuss threats facing Israel

Renowned Middle East scholar Michael Oren will deliver a speech on the threats to Israel’s existence to University students and the St. Louis community at the 560 Building on Thursday evening at 7:30. Oren’s lecture will address many of the problems facing Israel today, including terrorism, threats from Iran, the nation’s military arsenal and changing demographics, among others.

| News Manager

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