High definition and the fall of cinema

High definition media has taken the industry by storm: It’s exceedingly rare now to see a TV for sale that’s not HD ready or HD capable, and screen sizes march toward ever-larger sizes across the board. However, this change concerns me, and if anything, I think that the changes are for the worse, not the […]

| Staff Columnist

Get off my back, technology

My friends give me a lot of grief for being a humanities major. According to one of them, my major’s acronym—“IPH”—stands for the same thing that the letters “B.S.” do. Strange. Sometimes, of course, I feel the need to defend myself. Last night at Noodles & Co. was one of those nights. I scoffed at […]

| Forum Editor

The new iPod nano

Opening the case housing the new iPod nano might just be a religious experience. If angels don’t sing as the clear plastic door swings back, it’s only because Apple hasn’t yet stashed the recording in the packaging.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

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