Technology and coffee

The world fell apart today. It imploded. I could not check my Facebook while waiting in line, distract myself during lecture, or check my email…but really, I just left my phone and computer in my dorm for 24 hours. Throughout the day, I did not check any social media sites or return any texts, calls or emails.

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Student technology entrepreneurship group grows, starts speaker series

A campus group dedicated to students who are interested in technology entrepreneurship is on the rise. Members of Washington University Technology Entrepreneurs (WUTE) are behind business ventures including the Greenvelope virtual invitation service and Cloudy, a social application. WUTE was formed over the 2009-10 year.

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The overlooked risk of technology

The stereotypical classroom scene—kids reading from textbooks or taking notes off their teacher’s writings on a chalkboard—is disappearing. All over the country, schools are beginning to replace textbooks with laptops.

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Romance 101: Technology

Is technology killing romance? Back when our parents courted and dated, the extent of their communication was either phone calls, snail mail and in-person interaction. Now, we text, Google Chat, use Facebook and tweet. Does the convenience of social media and technology foster intimacy or lead to miscommunications, mixed messages and overanalyzing?

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New technology changes garner mixed reactions

As the 2011-2012 school year commences, Washington University has introduced a number of technological changes to campus. These changes include improved Internet service on campus, new printing quotas for students and a change to WUSTL Key that only requires the password to be changed once yearly as opposed to twice.

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Don’t let a good resource go to waste

Student Union has allocated $150,000 for its newest professional staff member, a technology coordinator, and his professional resources. The coordinator will be responsible for working with student groups and overhauling the SU website. While the Student Life editorial board sees this as a helpful resource, we have suggestions to help ensure that we get the most out of this new position.

Unlimited nights and weekends; or, how much is too much?

A U.S. Patent and Trademark Office official with zero foresight is rumored to have once said, “Everything that can be invented has been invented.” In retrospect, that statement is pretty ludicrous. It does, however, bring up an interesting question: How much is too much stuff?

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Information overload

The PC is dead. And we have killed him. How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers? Or so it seems.

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Putting yourself out there

Ever feel like you’re being watched? Recently, I watched a video on YouTube that I made 6 years ago with my friends from middle school. More interestingly, there were comments and responses from random people about our video (which I did not know was posted online). And last week, my mom told me about a Diwali show in University of Michigan for which some kids watched my previous Diwali performance on YouTube and performed it exactly the way I did. I felt both proud and creeped out, realizing that other people can have access to parts of my life that I sometimes don’t realize are public.

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When technology bytes

WebSTAC is whack…or at least, logging into it is nowadays.  Freshmen and transfer students are most likely unfamiliar with the days of yore, that much simpler time before the invention of the almighty “WUSTL key”.  For everyone else, though, you have to admit it: the current password system is a nightmare. It isn’t just that […]

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