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Social Programming Board merges, seeking leadership

Washington University’s biggest and highest funded student programming body is in the midst of a major facelift.

A wildly underwhelming choice

Excited for Wolfgang Gartner’s set at W.I.L.D.? Yeah, neither am I. While I appreciate Team 31’s efforts to appeal to as many students as possible, they have ironically managed to achieve the opposite with this semester’s headliner.

Mark Matousek | Contributing Writer

SU rejects Second Stage

Second Stage, the outdoor concert on the Village Green that preceded the W.I.L.D. concert in Brookings Quadrangle for the first time last semester, will not be a part of this fall W.I.L.D.

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Wolfgang Gartner to headline Fall W.I.L.D.

Wolfgang Gartner will headline this fall’s Walk in Lay Down Concert on Oct. 12, Team 31 confirmed Wednesday night. Gartner, whose actual name is Joey Youngman, is a critically acclaimed house music producer and DJ from San Luis Obispo, Calif. If you don’t know him by name, you might know his pulsing, frenetic song “Illmerica.

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Potential drawbacks to new W.I.L.D. alcohol policy deserve scrutiny

This semester, Team 31 productions announced a change to its alcohol policy for W.I.L.D. In past years, students ages 21 or older with identification could bring in six beers to the Brookings Quadrangle.

New W.I.L.D. alcohol policy advances changes started a decade ago

While general inebriation may be a tradition as old as the event itself, adjustments to the alcohol policy at the wildly popular Walk In Lay Down concerts held in the Brookings Quadrangle each semester have been happening for years.

More open process needed for W.I.L.D.

I t should come as no surprise to many Washington University students that Team 31 dropped the ball on Fall W.I.L.D. this year. Not only is this semester’s lineup being released extremely late, just two weeks before the show, but it also consists of artists who are far from popular on campus.

Early W.I.L.D. date causes concern

With last year’s fall W.I.L.D. yielding the highest number of injuries in recent history, alcohol consumption was bound to be a concern this year. But now, some students are worried that the date of W.I.L.D., Friday, Sept. 16, could contribute to even more injuries.

W.I.L.D. date set for mid-September

W.I.L.D. will take place on Friday, September 16, Team 31 announced via Facebook and Twitter. W.I.L.D., or Walk In Lay Down, a concert that takes place once a semester, is earlier this year than in the past. The fall concert has been in October every year since 2007, when it was scheduled for September 29. […]

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Underground guide to Wash. U. gives inside look

Juniors Alex Portera and Sean Fischer are currently compiling an unofficial underground guide to Washington University that will give readers an inside look into the Wash. U. community. “I want to create a book that gives a comprehensive, personal look into life at Wash. U.,” Portera said. “Something you can’t get from a ranking, an […]

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