Free weed!

Reefer blowers, dank smokers, kush queens, lend me your ears! I have come to discuss the new system of cannabis legalization, but not to praise it.

| Senior Forum Editor

No taxation without representation — unless you’re under 18?

This country was built on the principle of “no taxation without representation.” And yet, contributing members of our society have continually been denied proper representation.

| Staff Writer

‘A slap in the face:’ How the Republican tax bill would affect Wash. U.

The U.S. Senate passed a sweeping tax reform bill which would implement taxes on earnings from university endowments in a heavily partisan 51-49 vote Saturday.

| Senior News Editor

Increase quality, not price of citizenship

For the price we pay, we expect a great deal of benefits from the University. For the most part, the school delivers. But imagine if Washington University consisted of unresponsive teachers, poor job placement, fewer services, and unnecessary departments that yielded little benefit to students. And, on top of that, they asked for a substantial tuition increase.

| Staff Columnist

Proposition A: An irresponsible choice

On the ballot this November is the Missouri Earnings Tax Initiative, also known as Proposition A. You may have seen some of their advertisements on Hulu. This referendum would require a vote on the one percent earnings tax in the two major cities in Missouri, St. Louis and Kansas City, in 2011.

| Staff

By the facts: Missouri ballot initiatives

Taxes and puppies may not bring the same expression to most faces. But on Tuesday, citizens of St. Louis County—including Washington University students who are registered to vote in Missouri—will cast their ballots on both.

NO on the Metro tax (Proposition A)

For members of the Washington University community, the only responsible choice on the Metro tax increase is to vote “no.” The tax will be on the April 6 ballot in St. Louis County as Proposition A. It would be the third sales tax increase for Metro and would be a 100 percent increase in revenue from county taxpayers—from about $80 million to about $160 million a year. It would also be the third sales tax increase in St.

Tom Sullivan

Make college tax deductible

Recognizing the importance of higher education for success in the modern, globalized world, Missouri state senator Timothy Green recently introduced a bill that would create a deduction against taxpayer’s state income tax for the value of college tuition.

Proposition A: why public policy needs a makeover

Scattered debates have contemplated the merits and downfalls of Proposition A, one of Missouri’s “hot topic” ballot initiatives. The measure seeks to remove Missouri’s $500 loss-limit at casinos, and essentially raise casino tax in order to funnel some of that extra revenue into Missouri schools.   Proponents say that the loss-limit is an outdated law, […]

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