One Million Moms and the ‘pro-gay bandwagon’

In response to J. C. Penney’s appointment of Ellen DeGeneres as its new spokesperson, the conservative group (OMM), a sub-group of the American Family Association, campaigned to get the department store to revoke its decision. Apparently employing an empowered, hilarious, openly gay woman offended these traditional mothers who are worked up that J.

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Wash. U. was right to cancel Target event

We believe Wash. U. made an appropriate decision in removing the First 40 Target trip from the freshman orientation schedule. Following the Citizens United Supreme Court decision in January, which opened the door for an expansion of corporate political contributions, Target contributed $150,000 to MN Forward, a conservative interest group.

In Target action, WU overstepping its bounds

Dear Editor, After reading the article about WU dropping its partnership with Target, I realized that a few WU administrators will do anything to punish those who hold opinions contrary to the Human Rights Campaign, an LGBT activist group.

David Bauman

WU ends partnership with Target

Wash. U. backed out of a partnered event with Target Corp. after the retail powerhouse received heat for a donation it made to an organization backing a Minnesota gubernatorial candidate with a history of staunch opposition to gay rights.

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Take the bus!

I was born and raised in Brooklyn. Because of this (and apathy), I find myself lacking a driver’s license. Not having my own vehicle (or the ability to legally drive someone else’s) is a great conversation starter. “Why don’t you have a car?” “I’m from New York City.” “So?” “I use the subway.” “And? I […]

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