Panel draws campus attention to worldwide refugee crisis

Local experts explored the U.S.’s response to the four million Syrian refugees seeking asylum globally and Missouri’s low rate of passport issuance in a panel on the global refugee crisis.

Alberto Farino | Staff Reporter

St. Louisans march on Delmar, call on city to bring in Syrian refugees

Approximately 400 people gathered on Delmar Boulevard on Sunday evening for a #BringThemHere march, which called for the government to accept as many Syrian refugees as possible into St. Louis.

Alex Siegman | Staff Reporter

Syrian community members share personal perspectives on conflict

The conflict in Syria has impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals, including several people who play an active part in the Washington University community.

| Contributing Reporter

The people’s role in Syria intervention

While President Barack Obama has decided not to intervene in Syria (at least for now) following a deal brokered by Russia that would force Bashar al-Assad to turn over his country’s chemical weapons stockpiles to international monitors, reactions to the possibility of a military intervention in Syria elicited a wide array of responses and non-responses […]

Syria: Abandoning the ‘Red Line’

Lately, there has been much controversy surrounding President Barack Obama’s proposed invasion of Syria. The CIA has stated that it believes with “varying degrees of confidence” that the Assad regime has used chemical weapons on the Syrian rebels. This, if true, would violate Obama’s “red line” of intervention, thus pushing the United States into the conflict.

Steven Wenzel | Contributing Writer

Editorial Cartoons: Obama Billboard

Joshua Cornelis | Student Life

US Rep. Russ Carnahan addresses Middle East security issues in DUC

Russ Carnahan, Democratic Congressman for Missouri’s third district—which contains Washington University, spoke to students and community members Wednesday night as part of an event organized by Wash. U. Students for Israel.

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