Syllabi now in course listings with more features to come

Course listings just got a little more interesting. This semester, certain course descriptions in the WUCrsL course listings contain links to the syllabi for those classes. This is the first of three phases of eSyllabi, which aims to create a central repository of all syllabi for students to reference before registering for classes.

| Associate Editor

SU creating Web site for posting class syllabi

Student Union Senators Joseph Marcus and Jake Novick have invented ​SyllabiCentral, a Web site that gathers syllabi from different University courses in one central location in order to give students a better sense of what classes offer.

| Staff Reporter

Online course syllabi would help students choose courses

Two SU Senators, junior Jake Novick and sophomore Joseph Marcus, are currently attempting to gather course syllabi in an online format that would allow Wash. U. students to gain deeper insight into the content and format of potential courses before registration.

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