Missing from the 40, missing from my heart: Find my Swamp Friends

Nothing spells out friendship and love more than a trio of neon green squiggly monsters, and for three years, the Swamp Creature Friends sculpture has both greeted students living on the South 40 and confused them with its presence.

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Splash of color takes the Swamp

Holi is one of the South 40’s most beloved traditions–check out photos of students enjoying the annual event Friday. Photos by Megan Magray | Student Life

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Snapshots of Holi 2012

Students gathered on the South 40 Swamp Friday afternoon to partake in Holi, the annual celebration of colors sponsored by Ashoka each Spring.

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Holi turnout hindered by inclement weather

Cold and windy weather on Saturday afternoon dampened the turnout at Holi, the annual water balloon battle held on the Swamp. The event, which was originally scheduled for Friday afternoon, was postponed to Saturday because of a county-wide tornado watch.

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Holi: The scoop behind the colorful balloons and the mud

Washington University students, numbering in the hundreds, converged on the Swamp on Friday for the event known as Holi, put on by Ashoka, Washington University’s South Asian cultural student group. Beginning at 3 p.m.

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Augustana highlights WUStock

Woodstock may have just celebrated its 40th anniversary, but its spirit is still alive on Washington University’s campus. This past Saturday, WUStock was held on the Swamp, concluding South 40 Week with a variety of musical performances, activities and food. The day kicked off with tons of sun and three student bands—Sobriquet, the Noam Chomskys and String Theory—and culminated in a performance by Augustana.

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