Sustainable holiday shopping during COVID-19

And while online Christmas deals may be enticing, they promote unsustainable shopping habits.

Clara Richards | Staff Writer

Seeing Green? Events go sustainable

The trend of the year has been the push for sustainability. In a culmination of that effort, outgoing Student Body President Jeff Nelson, along with Will Fischer, the Student Union executive adviser for sustainable events, proposed the new Protocol for Green Events. Next Tuesday, SU Treasury will vote to decide whether or not to put the Protocol for Green Events into action. It is expected to pass.

| News Editor

In plan, WU aims to cut emissions

Washington University has released a draft of its sustainable operations plan, bringing the school close to imposing sweeping guidelines for reducing the campus’s environmental impact.

| News Editor

Washington U. sustainability woes

On Jan. 14, Chancellor Wrighton unveiled a draft of Washington University’s “Strategic Plan for Environmentally Sustainable Operations” by e-mailing each and every one of us. Rarely do we receive such e-mails. The plan is comprehensive, but may be a bit incomprehensible.

| Staff Columnist

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