Is it possible to sew a pair of ethical pants?

I spent what added up to about three part-time workweeks trying to make a single pair of “ethical” pants. What I didn’t foresee was that the hardest part of the process was figuring out what a pair of ethical pants even looked like — or if it existed at all.

| Managing Forum Editor

The Devil wears Shein: Woes of remaking your college wardrobe

When someone loves my outfit of the day and the truth is, my outfit of the day is effectively bleeding the planet dry, what do I say?

| Managing Forum Editor

Rooted in St. Louis: Behind the scenes with Cody Azotea

In conversations with Washington University’s thriving botanical community, one man comes up more than any other: Cody Azotea.

| Staff Writer

Behind the scenes with the architects of the East End

Arriving at the completed 570,000-square-foot landscape took years of planning, design and construction, about $360 million dollars and multiple teams of architects.

| Senior Editor

WU launches strategic planning process to define the University’s growth over the next decade

The plan will focus on five main principles: inclusion, diversity, equity and access, global perspective, stewardship, community impact and academic distinction.

‘High-tech and high touch’: Aquarium provides interactive experiences

Aquariums are spaces infused with wonder, places of the surreal and the sublime.

Elizabeth Phelan | Staff Writer

Climate experts encourage innovative solutions to climate issues at Carbon Neutral Climate Dialogue

Washington University held a Carbon Neutral Climate Dialogue in conjunction with the City of St. Louis Office of Sustainability and the Post Carbon Cities of Tomorrow project, Oct. 22.

| Senior Editor

Letter to the Editor

Hundreds of printed newspapers languish on racks across campus, never touched.

Fadel Alkilani | Class of 2022

A call for air conditioning autonomy

As compared to a higher set temperature, the current situation is costlier to the University, releases more greenhouse gas emissions and isn’t even better for students. In short, we are paying more money and increasing our contribution to climate change in order to be uncomfortable.

Diva Harsoor | Contributing Writer

Composting expands across campus, hits South 40 residence halls

Washington University celebrated a sustainability victory this semester as composting efforts expanded both in residential halls and dining facilities across campus. Thanks to the efforts of dedicated students and like-minded faculty members, composting is now available at the Danforth University Center, Parkside Cafe and every dorm on the South 40.

Elizabeth Phelan | Staff Writer

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