Stepping Out: Dynasty Hibachi Buffet

When I heard that the new Dynasty Hibachi Buffet now open one storefront down from the AMC Esquire had figured out a way to do all-you-can eat sushi, hibachi and Chinese food for about the same cost as a Domino’s pizza, I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical.

| Editor-In-Chief

Best sushi

Located in swanky downtown Clayton, Miso’s menu combines eclectic pan-Asian dishes with staples like pad thai and crab rangoon for a traditional, but markedly posh, take on Asian cuisine.

Clayton Sushi Crawl

You may think a “Wash. U. Roll” will satiate your sushi cravings, but you shouldn’t settle for it. Just a few minutes’ drive away in Clayton are three decidedly different takes on raw fish.

| Scene Columnist

Sushi Samba

There’s a new sign in the DUC at the Sushi station that essentially says that stealing is bad for everyone. Even Bon Appétit. I think I learned in kindergarten that stealing was bad, but I’m not sure. It could have been Sesame Street that told me that even earlier. What I’m getting at here is that providing a justification for not stealing sushi doesn’t really change anything.

| Forum Editor

Picky eaters: Just try it!

Before coming to college I never considered myself a picky eater. I consumed each helping of vegetables and chicken my mom placed on our kitchen table without protest.

| Forum Editor

Celebrating Obama, chain saw in hand

Sometimes it’s difficult to know if a Washington University sushi chef wields a chain saw in his free time. Luckily for students, sushi chef Naomi Hamamoto’s ice sculpting skill is now no secret—after he sculpted a life-sized bust of President Obama to commemorate Obama’s inauguration yesterday. Hamamoto, who goes by the nickname “Hama,” was trained […]

| Assignments Editor

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