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The worst summer job I ever had

The undeniable fact is that internship season is upon us. Henceforth, all free time will be spent writing cover letters, searching on CAREERlink for summer jobs and emailing “family friends” for networking purposes. The result of all of this can be an enlightening job experience or a horrifying one. Scene has experienced both, and we’re here to advise you before you finalize those summer plans.

Editorial Cartoon | April 28, 2010

Is it who or what you know?

When we search for a job or an internship, when we apply to college and graduate school, when we are trying to get a spot in that club or honorary, we would like to think that those in charge are focused on what we bring to the table. Chances are, however, that if you know someone who can you help you in one of these organizations, it’s going to mean just as much as your qualifications.

| Forum Editor

The wussification of America

Unlike most freshmen spending the summer of senior year relaxing in anticipation for the school year, I worked frantic shifts at the most infamous of entry-level jobs: McDonald’s.

| Staff Columnist

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