Subway vs. Panera: Dining services weighs restaurant change

Washington University administrators invited students to share their ideas about plans for the dining location in Mallinckrodt Center that is currently occupied by Subway, Nov. 22.

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The questions Datamatch should have asked to help us find love

Valentine’s Day has arrived. Love is in the air. Maybe you’ve caught a whiff of it through the Datamatch results that were released this morning. Or maybe you think that regardless of how funny some of the questions may have been, online algorithms will never help you find that special someone. Or maybe you didn’t even consider doing it. Either way, we know you probably have some thoughts on the survey. Here’s what we think Datamatch should have asked

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Sex is great, but have you heard of…

Why does sex have to be the end all be all? Check out our meme-inspired list of things better than sex.

Keeping it fresh: Hacks to try at Subway on campus

After countless stir-fries, bagels, burgers and salads from on-campus dining options, there is one gem we can all turn to for support: Subway.

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All day slumber party

While places like the Danforth University Center and Holmes Lounge are obvious snooze spots, here are some less well-known napping locations.

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What you could buy instead of another year at Wash. U.

What you could buy instead of another year at Wash. U. Zach Kram, Sahil Patel & Maddie Wilson Washington University announced its tuition for the 2014-15 academic year Friday morning, set at $45,700. For a lot of people, that’s a lot of money, so we thought of some “better” uses for your (parents’) hard-earned money. • 9,140 Subway footlongs (1.

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Subway employee claims order mishap led to physical altercation

A Mallinckrodt Center Subway employee says a four-minute-late order and payment dispute led to a customer throwing his unopened beverage at her shoulder. The Washington University Police Department is continuing to investigate the alleged altercation between a campus employee and Subway cashier over an order.

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Editorial Cartoon: Got milk?

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Editorial Cartoon: Wise Advice

Daniel Raggs | Student Life

Why have a bar and grill when you can have a ball pit?

With the status of a new bar and grill on the Washington University campus up in the air, the space in the Umrath Hall basement remains vacant. With no clear replacement for past tenants Subway and the Umrathskellar, we took it upon ourselves to come up with a responsible, pragmatic and fiscally conservative replacement.

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