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Narasimhan sworn in to Treasury after Constitutional Council decision reverses disqualification

Sophomore Mishka Narasimhan, who was disqualified from her SU Treasury position last fall due to late paperwork, has been sworn in after a Constitutional Council upheld her election.

| Staff Reporter

Some frustrated with SU funding ahead of elections

Students expressed frustrations with Student Union’s allocation of funding ahead of fall elections this week, though Wednesday’s resolution of a miscommunication alleviated some concerns regarding Treasury’s Nov. 9 decision to reallocate fall WILD funding for the spring.

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SU passes general budget of $3.9 million

The largest section in the budget was $1.9 million dedicated to funding student group reserves, an increase from $1.6 million last year.

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‘Push the boundaries of what SU can do’: SU elects new executive leadership

Freshman Ranen Miao beat out two other candidates in a close race to become the next president of Student Union, joining sophomores Anne He and Arjan Kalra and juniors Alexa Jochims and Charlotte Pohl on the new executive board following their election, March 3.

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SU to address low student interest with proposed Trending Topics restructure

Student Union Vice President of Programming Charlotte Pohl and Speaker of the Treasury Alexa Jochims presented two proposals to restructure the process for selecting and nominating Trending Topics speakers to Senate and Treasury during a joint session, Jan. 28.

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Walker resigns after Senate and Treasury initiate impeachment inquiry following fall election

Student Union Election Commissioner junior Randal Walker resigned from her position, Nov. 20.

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SU election results unreleased due to ‘technical difficulties’

Student Union did not release the results of the fall elections Wednesday. SU typically announces the results the day after the elections; voters had all day Tuesday to vote on Washington University Student Group Organizer.

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‘A good first step’: SU shakes up exec board with new restructuring plan

Student Union passed a constitutional amendment that will convert the positions of VP of Administration and VP of Public Relations into Executive Vice President and VP of Engagement in a joint legislative session Oct. 22.

Curran Neenan | News Editor

Student Union votes to confirm chief of staff nominee

Both Student Union Senate and Treasury confirmed sophomore Joshua Mantel as the Student Union Executive Board’s chief of staff, Sept. 3.

Noah Slaughter | Staff Reporter

SU Senate, Treasury votes to table chief of staff nomination until fall session

Student Union Senate and Treasury voted to postpone the confirmation of the executive board’s chief of staff nominee freshman Tony Sims II until the fall, in a joint session Tuesday night.

| Senior News Editor

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