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Stop shouting into the void, attend the SU debate

Washington University students are beginning to realize the power SU has over their day-to-day experience and how they’ve relinquished their voices in the matter. Come this Friday, the student body has their chance to make their voice heard again by coming to the SU debates and making candidates answer the hard questions.

SU elections yield tie for last seat in Treasury

Although there were 11 open seats in this year’s Student Union fall elections, only 10 have been filled so far, despite a competitive ballot. The vote count to determine the winner of the last open spot—the candidate with the 11th most votes—was exactly equal for Treasury hopefuls freshman Kyle Jeter and sophomore Jonah Klein-Barton.

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Tyler and Biswas endorse Hunter Malasky for VP of administration

We both enthusiastically and confidently endorse Hunter Malasky for the position of vice president of administration for SU Exec. Hunter has demonstrated a capability for hard work and a vision for improvement in his time as Budget Committee chair that we believe clearly sets him apart for this position.

Emma Tyler & Vivek Biswas | Student Union President & Vice President of Administration

Student Union elections are on Tuesday, and you have a voice

Raise your hand if you know that midterm elections are on Tuesday. Keep your hand raised if you’re planning on voting, whether in Missouri or your home state. Congratulations—you’re one of just 37 percent of people who are of voting age in our country, if 2010’s turnout data carries over to 2014.

New SU Executive Board eyes stronger bonds, better engagement with students: Eliminating slates, improving SU website part of Elevate!’s agenda

The newly elected board of Student Union executive officers is a group of SU insiders hoping to cut bureaucracy where numerous exec slates before them have failed. Junior Emma Tyler, former president of Social Programming Board, was elected president and will succeed current president Matt Re on Thursday, April 3.

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Slates hurt election competition

Wednesday was the end of elections for Student Union positions and block funding. We now believe that it would be a good time to discuss a very real problem with our student election system: the slate system.

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