Your holiday gift guide

Around this time of year, every website and publication releases a gift guide to tell you what you really want. You know, because you really want an artisan leather belt made by Burmese monks who traveled to tanneries in Morocco to make it just the right shade of brown. It’s not like these are guides for gifting unto yourself.

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How to avoid studying during reading week

From creative ways to motivate yourself to guilty pleasures for procrastination, here are Scene’s suggestions for spending time over Reading Week.

Don’t coast

High school was a breeze for many of us at Wash. U. We could get away with nominal studying, and it became fashionable to put off studying until late at night. Even if we had a fair amount of homework, it was rarely challenging, so this was completely doable.

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Putting off for tomorrow what can be done today

At the end of every semester that I’ve had at Washington University, I’ve written at least one 15-20 page essay. First, it was the triumphal columns of Istanbul; second, female stereotypes in Spenser’s “The Faerie Queene;” third, why Egyptian civilization persevered while the Mycenaeans vanished around the 13th century B.C. Each of these essays was entirely unrelated in all ways but two: They were written in a concentrated frenzy of creativity from about 10 p.m. to 5 p.m. the next day (when they were due) and they are the best pieces of writing I have produced in my life.

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Why the hate for teachers?

Don’t you remember reading books where teachers used to be respected and loved? Consider “Dead Poets Society” or “Au Revoir Les Enfants,” where the teacher holds a transcendent, almost supernatural role. We all have at least one teacher who we treasure, who helped us further ourselves as human beings.

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Study habit study performed by WU professors

Research being conducted in Washington University’s own Department of Psychology has produced new evidence about the most effective study techniques for students.

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