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WU suspends all fall study abroad programs, citing spread of COVID-19 variants

All undergraduate study abroad programs for the upcoming fall semester have been canceled.

WU suspends all study abroad programs for spring semester

All spring 2021 study abroad programs are suspended due to COVID-19 concerns, the Office of Overseas Programs announced Friday.

Orli Sheffey | Staff Reporter

As summer study abroad programs are canceled, the future of fall study abroad remains unclear

The Department of Overseas Programs at Washington University is making day-by-day decisions as to whether fall 2020 study abroad programs will be able to continue as planned, in part due to if travel restrictions will be lifted in time.

Jessica Bigley | Staff Reporter

‘I had about 24 hours to get out of the country’: Students studying abroad navigate the aftermath of program cancellations

In less than 24 hours, junior David Easton packed up his belongings, said goodbye to friends, traveled from Germany to Paris and got on a plane back to the United States. He hadn’t slept in 40 hours.

| Senior Editor

WU sends students studying abroad in Italy home as fears of Coronavirus spread

Washington University extended its travel suspension to Italy, Feb. 28, resulting in widespread uncertainty for abroad students suddenly forced to return home.

| News Editor

Shanghai study abroad program canceled due to coronavirus

In line with the travel suspension condition implemented by the Washington University International Travel Oversight Committee for all University-sponsored and University-supported travel to mainland China on Jan. 29, the Shanghai study abroad program has officially been suspended indefinitely due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Em McPhie | News Editor

Shanghai study abroad program in danger of early cancellation

The final semester of Washington University’s Global MedPrep Scholars Program is at risk of being cancelled due to fears over the coronavirus outbreak which would result in a complete lack of opportunities for students to study in mainland China.

Em McPhie | News Editor

There’s more to Student Financial Services than just tuition assistance

Most people know that the Office of Student of Financial Services (SFS) is where students go to help finance tuition, room and board. However, many don’t realize just how much SFS can give students or how their processes work. The aim of this article is to help give students a holistic overview of how to take advantage of everything SFS offers.

Rory Mather | Contributing Reporter

Students studying abroad should not pay Wash. U. tuition

Wash. U. encourages students to study abroad, but does not match that enthusiasm with appropriate financial policies. If the University wants to live up to its word of ensuring that students have a well-rounded college experience and compete with other peer institutions, Wash. U. should not force students to pay University tuition while studying abroad.

| Staff Writer

Blimey, Wash. U. housing is expensive: A (semester-long) expatriate’s lament on campus housing

SOCIOECONOMIC ISSUE: What if I told you that you could save thousands of dollars for a semester in housing and food costs by studying in Central London instead of St. Louis? No, the United Kingdom has not suffered the biggest financial crisis in modern history, and, no, St. Louis has not suddenly transformed into the new Manhattan.

| Staff Writer

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