Student groups strip down

Like in past years, the 2015 Sex Issue saw student groups bare their bodies. From academic clubs to fraternities and a cappella groups to student business workers, Wash. U. students used strategically placed props both to showcase their club spirit and cover up their delicate bits.

Why the hate for teachers?

Don’t you remember reading books where teachers used to be respected and loved? Consider “Dead Poets Society” or “Au Revoir Les Enfants,” where the teacher holds a transcendent, almost supernatural role. We all have at least one teacher who we treasure, who helped us further ourselves as human beings.

| Staff Columnist

VIDEO: Students participate in city-wide protests

| Managing Editor

Census set to begin; students required to fill forms in Mo.

While the 12,000 undergraduate and graduate students of the University only make up about 1 percent of St. Louis County, most of these students live in University City or Clayton.

| Staff Reporter

Regional project aims to increase college enrollment

The St. Louis Regional College Access Pipeline Project is coordinating the efforts of local businesses, foundations and institutions of higher education to increase college enrollment in St. Louis.

| Contributing Reporter

What we are thankful for

As Thanksgiving approaches, the Student Life editorial board lists what they are thankful for this holiday season.

WU leaders work to address reports of noisy students through ‘Good Neighbor’ program

Rising numbers of complaints from community residents near Washington University concerning student conduct off campus prompted a “Good Neighbor” meeting between student leaders and school officials last Friday. Administrators called for a discussion and a search for solutions after what they called one of the loudest, noisiest and worst starts of the year. Josh Walehwa, […]

| Senior Sports Editor

Live with the Chancellor on Customer Service at the University

Chancellor Mark Wrighton speaks about customer service toward students during a live interview hosted by Student Life and WUTV.

Study says liberal professors do not create liberal students

A recent study concluding that the political views of university professors have a minimal impact on their students’ views is drawing mixed reactions from Washington University undergraduates.

| Contributing Reporter

The real winners of the 2008 VP debate

Last Thursday, our university hosted the 2008 vice presidential debate. Although the debate is unlikely to change the way that people vote, there is always one inevitable question that people ask: who won? The real winners were the students.

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