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SU suspends ‘90% rule’ for student group funding, switches to appeals-based process as a first step in a larger budget overhaul

In anticipation of the challenges of a largely virtual semester, Student Union made significant changes to its budgeting process for the fall 2020 semester, including switching to an appeals-based funding process and suspending the 90% rule.

| Senior News Editor

Student Union passes general budget using new streamlined process

Student Union unanimously passed the general budget for the 2020-2021 school year, Feb. 16, approving $3,756,970 of $4,246,843.70 total requested funds.

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SU prepares for general budget session with advance meetings

Student Union finished conducting a series of preliminary meetings in preparation for their 2020-2021 general budget session, to be held on Feb. 15, after changing up the structure of the decision-making process.

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SU Treasury selects Trending Topics speakers for 2019-2020 academic year

Student Union (SU) Treasury selected next year’s guest speakers for the 2019-2020 Trending Topics series on Sunday.

Curran Neenan and Julia Arbanas | Staff Reporters

SU secures funding for Mental Health Fund

Student Union Treasury and Senate voted unanimously to approve a plan that will guarantee $210,000 in funding for the Student Union Mental Health Fund for five years Tuesday night.

Noah Slaughter | Contributing Reporter

Student Union releases general budget proposal

Student Union released its 2019-2020 general budget proposal, which lists out students’ requests for funds from the student activities fee, in an email to the student body Feb. 4.

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Turnout down in SU Senate, Treasury, ArtSci elections

The election filled all open Senate seats, 10 of the 11 open Treasury seats and one ArtSci Council seat, leaving five spots open on the council.

Noah Slaughter | Contributing Reporter

SU fills Senate, Treasury vacancies following multiple resignations

Student Union appointed members to fill 15 seats in its legislative branch, 14 of which were left vacant by resignations.

Curran Neenan | Contributing Reporter

Student Union passes largest general budget in school history

In dividing its largest pot of money in history, Student Union’s general budget proposal passed unanimously for the second consecutive year on Tuesday night.

| Editor-in-Chief

SU groups at risk of losing recognition

Groups up for deregistration failed to meet one of several different criteria. Failing to submit a budget for two consecutive semesters, not registering a president and treasurer or misusing SU funds were among the reasons the SU website listed for a group becoming eligible for deregistration.

| Staff Reporter

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