Student Union general budget

Alkilani resigns as Student Union VP of Finance

“It is no longer reasonable for me to shoulder this burden,” Alkilani wrote in an email to student group officers Jan. 12.

| Managing Editor

Trending Topics restructure aims to increase student engagement

Student Union and the Social Programming Board announced a new nomination process for the Trending Topics program, Feb. 17.

Em McPhie | News Editor

SU prepares for general budget session with advance meetings

Student Union finished conducting a series of preliminary meetings in preparation for their 2020-2021 general budget session, to be held on Feb. 15, after changing up the structure of the decision-making process.

| News Editor

Op-ed: In the spring election, tell SU to value diversity and inclusion

While the last Treasury election was uncontested, this next one is not. Many of these Treasury representatives are up for re-election. So, vote. Tuesday, March 5. And vote intentionally. Don’t just approve all incumbent candidates.

Kirk Linam | Class of 2022

Staff editorial: Student Union budget shows awareness of student concerns

Moving forward, we urge Student Union to continue to show as much care as they did this year when making budgetary decisions.

SU general budget proposal fails to pass

A joint session of Treasury and Senate failed to approve the Student Union general budget for the first time in four years Sunday.

Curran Neenan and Julia Arbanas | Staff Reporters

Student Union releases general budget proposal

Student Union released its 2019-2020 general budget proposal, which lists out students’ requests for funds from the student activities fee, in an email to the student body Feb. 4.

| Senior Editor

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