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SU considers options for student activities fee allocation as University refunds dining, housing

Washington University will begin to refund housing and dining balances on a prorated basis, raising several questions regarding additional refunds and forms of compensation for students.

Ellie Ito and Ted Moskal | Staff Reporters

WU creates emergency fund to support students and employees in need during COVID-19 pandemic

Students and employees in need of emergency funding during the COVID-19 pandemic can apply for financial support through the Crisis Response Student Fund or the Crisis Response Employee Fund, which will continue to accept applications for stipends through the end of the day today.

Noah Slaughter | Staff Reporter

Student Union passes general budget using new streamlined process

Student Union unanimously passed the general budget for the 2020-2021 school year, Feb. 16, approving $3,756,970 of $4,246,843.70 total requested funds.

| Senior News Editor

SU prepares for general budget session with advance meetings

Student Union finished conducting a series of preliminary meetings in preparation for their 2020-2021 general budget session, to be held on Feb. 15, after changing up the structure of the decision-making process.

| News Editor

Spring student group budgets released amid rising demands

Student Union released their student group budgets for the spring semester on Nov. 11, allocating 66.9% of requested funds.

| Senior News Editor

Op-ed: Face value only goes so far

“My intention is not to respond to or defend the events over the past several weeks, but rather to recognize that there does exist a thorough ‘why’ behind ‘what’ we do.”

Alexa Jochims | Class of 2021

Student groups face new challenges due to SU budget cuts

After Student Union cut over $550,000 in funding requests from the budget, students groups must adjust their budgets for the upcoming year.

Curran Neenan | News Editor

Student Union cuts more than $500K, unanimously passes budget

Student Union unanimously approved its general budget for the 2019-2020 school year, cutting $555,734.69 in general budget requests, Tuesday night.

Julia Arbanas | Staff Reporter

Staff editorial: Student Union budget shows awareness of student concerns

Moving forward, we urge Student Union to continue to show as much care as they did this year when making budgetary decisions.

SU finance implements new funding categories

Student Union introduced two new funding categories for SU-recognized student groups last week.

| Senior News Editor

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