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Inconveniences, political tensions lead to student ambivalence over debate

As Washington University gears up to host the Oct. 9 presidential debate, students have mixed feelings about the impact of having a debate on campus.

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Top 9 tweets from this Fall’s W.I.L.D.:

Some students could feel the campus mood changing before W.I.L.D.: [tweet] [tweet] you know WashU is REALLY about to get WILD when Schnuk's runs out of Solo cups. #WUSTLWILD — Laira (@lairatorres) October 11, 2013 While others saw the aftermath of W.I.L.D.: [tweet] With WILD and Carnival this weekend, I feel like […]

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Students weigh in on the new iPad

Apple recently went public with its new tablet computer, the iPad. Features of the new device include Web browsing, picture viewing, gaming and support for e-books. Almost all of the current iPhone applications will work on the device. It weighs 1.5 pounds and is half an inch thick. Prices for the device are set to start at $499 and will increase based on memory size and optional 3G service.

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Student reactions to Cardinals’ loss

The L.A. Dodgers completed a sweep of the St. Louis Cardinals in the first round of the MLB playoffs Saturday, dashing the year’s World Series hopes. Student Life asks Wash. U. students: How do you feel about the loss?

Students react to Obama peace prize

The selection of President Barack Obama as the recipient of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize just ten months after he took office was a surprise that has elicited shock, applause and, in some cases, disapproval on campus.

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