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Biting bear cub doesn’t have rabies, won’t be euthanized, University says

Despite initial concerns that it may have infected students with rabies, the bear cub brought to campus last Sunday will not be euthanized, according to a statement released by Washington University Friday afternoon.

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New health-care regulations to extend students’ coverage

Recent additions to the U.S. health-care reform law will provide college students with some minor benefits. Effective Jan. 1, 2012, new regulations will establish more accountability on the behalf of insurance providers. Because University-sponsored insurance is mandatory for students, these new regulations will not affect students’ ability to obtain health insurance coverage.

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Students should have freedom of choice when it comes to SHS insurance

Last year, my allergies caught up with me­—for the third time in my life, I actually had an asthma attack. Thankfully, SHS managed to come to the rescue—they were extremely helpful and very thorough.

| Forum Editor

Amid national health care debate, students question new SHS plan

With national health care reform on the horizon, health insurance is a hot topic among Washington University students. Some say they are unhappy with the school’s Aetna student health insurance plan, which is mandated for all University undergraduate and graduate students.

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What is going on with swine flu now?

Swine flu cases at Washington University have been steadily increasing in recent weeks, but the number of cases at the University is still much lower than at most other higher education institutions.

New cases continue to be reported around the country as the disease spreads and fall season settles in.

| News Editor

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