Student Athletes

Leaping towards liberty: A conversation with Caira Watson-Haynes

Senior sports editor Dorian DeBose sat down with Caira Watson-Haynes, a senior on the WU track and field team, to talk about practicing during COVID-19 and supporting Black student athletes on campus.

| Senior Sports Editor

Varsity athletes deserve our support

Student athletes are our classmates, our friends; and they deserve more support from us as fellow students.

| Forum Editor

The real power of celebrity student athletes today

Discussing student athletes has always been a controversial conversation. I’ve personally always found it amazing that places of education give scholarships to those who are athletically inclined.

| Contributing Writer

Men’s soccer coach adds to St. Louis soccer legacy

Four decades ago, Washington University men’s soccer head coach Joe Clarke took the soccer field representing Saint Louis University. The local kid out of McBride High School had been recruited to play for the SLU Billikens, then the best men’s soccer program in the nation. “Everybody in St.

| Sports Editor

Recruiting service recognizes Washington University athletics for excellence on and off playing field

“Work hard; play hard” seems to define the experience for student-athletes at Washington University, which offers the seventh-best combination of athletics and academics in the nation, according to the National Collegiate Scouting Association. Wash. U.

| Senior Sports Editor

Surviving Orientation as an incoming student athlete

The Washington University class of 2014 officially moves in on Thursday, marking the beginning of Orientation. With a multitude of programs and meetings to attend, along with friends to make, it can be hard to find time to sit down and relax. However, incoming student athletes have practices and tryouts to worry about additionally.

| Sports Editor

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