Four Mac desktops stolen from Umrath dorm’s lab

The new Umrath dormitory is missing something: computers. Students going into the lab may have noticed an empty space where four Macs used to be. Thursday just before noon, Residential Life (ResLife) officials conducted brief visual searches of rooms in Umrath, looking for four Mac desktop computers that were reported missing from Umrath. There were still two computers left in the lab.

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Printing charges in Eads ArtSci lab drive paper use up in residential labs, STS says

Students on the South 40 need to continue cutting back on paper usage, according to administrators at Student Technology Services (STS). Although PaperCut software is being used in these residential areas, there has actually been a substantial increase in the amount of printing done in residential computer labs this year. The PaperCut monitoring software is used on main campus and in the residential areas.

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An open letter to those few printing abusers

Earlier this month, Student Technology Services revealed that there are some students who are outrageously abusing the free printing services it offers in Residential Life dorms. The e-mail more specifically indicated that the printing services are being exploited by a mysterious demographic: The top-10 largest printers at Washington University.

On your mark, get set, GO WUSTL!

Say goodbye to acorns as Squirrelmail goes into hibernation. The release date for the new GO WUSTL e-mail program has been moved forward to Wednesday. A GO WUSTL pilot program has been underway since mid-January. Student Technology Services (STS) representatives said it has been a success.

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PaperCut system presses students to reduce printing waste

Students living in residential areas are all too familiar with the printing ritual on campus: Print, sort through discarded sheets of assorted chemistry slides and short stories, pick up printed paper.

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