Know your tree friends: WU creates online Arboretum database

We pass by trees every day on campus, probably as often as we pass our friends. But how much do we know about the nature around us?

Elia/Longyu Zhang | Contributing Writer

Wi-Fi upgrades planned for select South 40 dorms

Student Technology Services will be upgrading Wi-Fi in six residential halls over winter break. The move, in response to student complaints, is part of a long-term plan to bring the entire Danforth Campus up to wustl-2.0, the school’s fastest wireless Internet provider.

| Editor-in-Chief

Computer crashes yield complaints

Sam Fox IT has yet to identify the source of a programming glitch that has left dozens of Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts students with wiped computers over the past year.

Lace Nguyen | Contributing Reporter

Wifi Upgrade

Bowie Chen | Student Life

Wireless internet upgrades promise improved campus-wide coverage

Student Technology Services spent the summer revamping Washington University’s wireless networks to provide faster and more reliable connections and eagerly awaits student and faculty feedback. Following complaints of dead spots and students being kicked off the wireless network, STS introduced the new “wustl-1.0” and “wustl-2.

| Editor-in-Chief

Return to sender: GO WUSTL bug causes emails to bounce back

Students should no longer have trouble with bounced-backed emails from their GO WUSTL accounts, according to Student Technology Services (STS). STS sent out an email on April 13 notifying students of an error within the GO WUSTL accounts that caused sent emails to bounce back to the sender. The solution was to recreate the deleted address records.

At first glance, printing policy a good thing

At the beginning of this year, STS introduced a new plan for student printing on campus. After years of free printing in residential dorms, every student in Washington University housing now receives a $40 printing credit. All degree-seeking students receive a $5 printing credit.

Students voice criticism of campus Wi-Fi in Senate

Many students are still having difficulties accessing wireless Internet on campus, despite continued efforts by Student Technology Services to improve connectivity. At a Student Union Senate meeting Wednesday, students reported having difficulties with Wi-Fi in residence halls, Holmes Lounge, the DUC and the art and architecture schools.

| News Staff

New technology changes garner mixed reactions

As the 2011-2012 school year commences, Washington University has introduced a number of technological changes to campus. These changes include improved Internet service on campus, new printing quotas for students and a change to WUSTL Key that only requires the password to be changed once yearly as opposed to twice.

| Senior News Editor

University warns students against downloading illegally

In response to a recent surge in illegal downloading on the residential campus, Student Technology Services (STS) sent out an email last week warning students about copyright violations on campus.

| Staff Reporter

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