The Stories Project: Sharing stories across campus

Recognizing that students could be united in their personal experiences, senior De Nichols launched The Stories Project in 2007 as a way for students to share their stories.

| Senior Scene Editor

Take the bus!

I was born and raised in Brooklyn. Because of this (and apathy), I find myself lacking a driver’s license. Not having my own vehicle (or the ability to legally drive someone else’s) is a great conversation starter. “Why don’t you have a car?” “I’m from New York City.” “So?” “I use the subway.” “And? I […]

| Staff Columnist

The great(er) community: Juvenile Detention Center & Washington University

This column is going to become part public service, part community bulletin. I’d like to share positive stories about the Washington University community and the St. Louis community with you all.

| Staff Columnist

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