Best movie theater

The Moolah Lounge is often touted as the best movie theater in St. Louis, but its admittedly plush couches can’t compare to the unique movie experience at Chase Park Plaza.

Best place to recover after a night out

Just south of the Loop, Boosters Cafe is in the ideal location for upperclassmen to roll out of bed straight into a delicious brunch on a Sunday morning (and by morning, we mean noon, of course).

Best local coffee house

Located just northeast of Brookings, Kayak’s offers something for everyone. It opens at 6:30 a.m. and serves Belgian waffles for the early risers. And even though it closes at 10 p.m., it’s a convenient place for art students to stock up on caffeine for a late night at the studio.

Best neighborhood

There’s a renaissance happening in south St. Louis, and we think it’s high time for Wash. U. students to get off the Loop and explore it. With art galleries, coffee shops and vintage stores packed closely together, Cherokee Street’s run-down, industrial feel only serves to highlight its artsy, underground appeal. “I think Cherokee is to St. Louis what St.

Letter to the Editor: The facts behind St. Louis’ crime rate

The publications that you mention in your Dec 2 article and editorial did indeed report St. Louis to have the nation’s highest crime rate, and they also failed to explain this rather odd finding. So just how did St. Louis get to be so dangerous? The short answer is that it didn’t.

Glenn Davis Stone | Professor

The Haps: let it snow, snow, snow

Face it: Snow can suck, and that’s not just the Floridian in me talking. It’s not only cold, but it’s also hazardously slippery, it melts into slush, and it looks nasty after a few days. Unfortunately, this is St. Louis, which means we could be done with snow for the year or it may still be hitting us in April. So I guess we should be prepared to make the best of it. There are a few St.

| Scene Events Columnist

What if WU had a concierge desk?

As a lifelong resident, I have very mixed feelings about the city of St. Louis. While I think it is a nice place to raise a family, I’ll admit that it is not the most exciting place to be a student. Still, the STL has its gems, and while it may not be as easy to find an exciting day in St. Louis as it is in New York City, it can be done. As a native, I know that many Wash. U.

| Staff Columnist

The Haps: The Fabulous Fox Theatre

Let’s be honest, St. Louis is not exactly known for its theatrical offerings. We don’t have dozens and dozens of theaters like Broadway or London’s West End, but we do have the Fox Theatre on 527 N. Grand Blvd. This year’s shows include “Mamma Mia,” “Grease,” “In the Heights” and “Avenue Q,” among many other plays and concerts.

| Scene Events Columnists

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