Staff Editorial: Dust off that U-Pass

Early during welcome week, first years are given three plastic cards, along with a thick stack of paperwork. The first two — the Student ID card and room key — are slid in and out of phone wallets every day. They get scratched, worn, and usually lost a few times. But the third card, the […]

St. Louis-based mobile app founded by WU alum works to keep local food banks and restaurants afloat during COVID-19 pandemic

Washington University 2017 graduate Andrew Glantz is using his own start-up to support local restaurants and food banks in the wake of COVID-19.

Noah Slaughter | Staff Reporter

Sensasians, Sur Taal Laya bring fun 80s themed a cappella with ‘Stranger Sings’

Purple lights cast an eerie glow on the stage in Emerson Auditorium. Low, soft covers of songs I was pretty sure I knew played on the speakers. Attendees filed in slowly, filling the first half of the auditorium easily but leaving the back half sparsely populated. The show was about to start: Stranger Sings, The Sensasians and Sur Taal Laya’s (STL) 80s-themed fall concert.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Back to Diwali: 30-year anniversary brings energy to WU community

Diwali, presented by Ashoka, celebrated its 30th anniversary this weekend with dancing, theatrics and music. This year’s performance marks decades of bringing a spectacle of sound, color and, most importantly, light to the Edison Theatre.

Lydia McKelvie | Staff Writer

Construction on Chicago to St. Louis high-speed rail in progress, to finish by 2014

A new high-speed train connecting St. Louis and Chicago will provide students with an alternative way to travel. The railroad, which is currently under construction, should be complete sometime in 2014, according to officials involved in the project.

| News Editor

Best sushi

Located in swanky downtown Clayton, Miso’s menu combines eclectic pan-Asian dishes with staples like pad thai and crab rangoon for a traditional, but markedly posh, take on Asian cuisine.

Best museum

Where in St. Louis can you hop in a flight simulator, sleep under the stars and construct a (sort of) giant arch? In one afternoon? For free? The answer, of course, is the Science Center, conveniently located in the giant backyard we call Forest Park.

Best pizza

Pi’s biggest claim to fame is also what tends to draw new customers—its pizza is President Obama’s favorite. In fact, he paid to have the restaurant’s chefs flown to D.C. in order to cook their cheesy deep-dish delicacies for a White House dinner.

Best bar

Sometimes simpler is better. With dart boards, pinball machines and a jukebox inside, Blueberry Hill has a low-key vibe that’s perfect for students. Patrons are friendly, laid back and always open for conversation.

Best karaoke

If you’re looking for a classy way to turn 21—or 45—Talayna’s is your best bet. Owned and operated by the legendary Mike Talayna, the karaoke bar (and former strip club!) offers mirrored walls, disco balls and an entertaining swath of local culture.

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