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Late night safety woes?

In an effort to improve safety off campus and alleviate students’ fears about walking home at night, Washington University instituted a one-way shuttle service for students and staff who want a safe ride home. “Over the years we’ve had occasional requests from students for a late-night shuttle home, but we’ve never done it,” Associate Vice Chancellor for Operations Steve Hoffner said.

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Campus dining debate consumes student body

While long lines and waits are not trademarks of Washington University, any student entering a dining area on campus during its busiest hours may be met with a disarray of people from all different directions. To minimize any disorderliness or inconveniences in the dining experience, Student Union, the Congress of the South 40 and the […]

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Quality of life echoes Princeton Review ranks, University admins say

Washington University officials expressed satisfaction last week with the school’s high quality of life rankings in the Princeton Review this year, attributing the performance to student feedback and the hard work of administrators.

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Mr. Wash. U. to sell Bear’s Den, Center Court photos in auction

Students have all seen those pictures on the wall in Bear’s Den and Center Court. Now, they have the opportunity to own those special pieces of Washington University history. An auction to benefit Mr. Wash. U. will be held on Thursday at Ursa’s Fireside at 7 p.m. to sell the photos depicting campus life, which […]

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WU purchases new property on Loop

Last month, Washington University closed on the purchase of another property on the Delmar Loop.

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Changing economy brings new prices for Bear’s Den

The dining hall’s popularity may soon see a decline because, as of this past summer, Bear’s Den has implemented price increases on its food in an attempt to account for a recent surge in national food costs.

| Contributing Reporter

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