A cappella in competition

Washington University a cappella groups The Amateurs and The Stereotypes performed at the ICCA Semifinals at 560 Music Center Saturday night. The Amateurs won two outstanding achievement awards. The Stereotypes’ Max Block recieved the award for Outstanding Vocal Percussion at the ICCA Semifinals.

Grace Bruton | Senior Photo Editor

A cappella brings together different voices for a broader audience

The Voices & Sounds of Washington University: A Cappella Concert was packed with people anxious to see Wash. U.’s most talented vocalists perform pitch perfectly.

Kayla Steinberg | Contributing Writer

Chris Rock, the Oscars and the myth of the positive stereotype

The 88th Academy Awards was full of controversy and debate, as many African American actors and actresses such as Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith united to boycott the event. Such individuals disparaged the 2016 Oscars for its Whiteness, lack of diversity and the fact that no actors or actresses of color were nominated for any award this year.

Jeff Kang | Staff Writer

Breaking down stereotypes through teaching

Most parents don’t expect their five-year-olds to be taught by Latino male military vets. That was a lesson I learned quickly when I began teaching kindergarten more than a decade ago.

Eduardo Sindaco | Class of 2003

Understanding China’s image in the U.S.

Just to name a few words related to China that I have really been asked about here on campus during the past month: human rights, dictating government, gaps between the rich and the poor, media censorship, one-child policy, floppy law and piracy.

Fangzhou Xiao | Contributing Writer

Keep it real

I was watching the new episode of “South Park” the other night, and it dawned on me that those little modestly-animated, potty-mouthed fourth-graders are not so different from all of us. This particular episode involved a clash between the goth kids and the newly-increasing group of wannabe vampire kids. The goth kids were portrayed as […]

| Staff Columnist

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