Staff Editorial: Dear Chancellor Martin

You condemn “the acts of hate, aggression or disrespect toward any racial group that may happen anywhere,” but the University community—particularly the Black community—deserves to see more from you. It is crucial that you make marginalized individuals feel heard.

Andrew Martin delivers what’s expected, but not deserved

While there is a brief mention of police violence, Chancellor Martin doesn’t delve into Wash. U.’s role in the maintenance of carceral institutions. There isn’t even a whisper about WUPD’s role in antagonizing Black students and community members.

| Senior Editor

Staff editorial: University statements require clarity, consistency

The statement that Wash. U. administration sent after the Tree of Life shooting in Pittsburgh in 2018 was unequivocal in its condemnation of bigotry. Chancellor Mark Wrighton didn’t mince words, and that was appreciated. The Christchurch statement was nowhere near as strongly worded.

University endowment down 30 percent, further difficulties expected

Washington University’s financial situation has not improved since April, according to an e-mail sent by Chancellor Mark Wrighton Wednesday afternoon.

| Director of New Media

Sen. Jeff Smith’s statement on resigning from the Mo. Senate

State Sen. Jeff Smith’s statement on resigning from office.

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