Class is in session: Best campus buildings to have sex in

Just because it’s a Tuesday doesn’t mean you can’t do something special while staying right on campus. Try having sex with your partner in a campus building!

The six types of people you meet at Starbucks at 5 a.m.

You’re probably thinking, “I have been to a Starbucks before, but it has not ever been at five in the morning.” That’s great! We have! And it has had an impact on us!

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Starbucks campaign wasn’t perfect, but at least they’re trying

If, last week, you were politely confused as to why your Starbucks double-tall-no-whip mocha came with a side of race theory, you’re not alone. The launch of Starbucks’ latest campaign, “Race Together,” garnered a mixed reaction among customers.

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Basically everything pumpkin spice

At the risk of making a bad joke, I have scoured the patch and made my picks for the best pumpkin options near campus. Enjoy what you find!

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Starbucks in Bauer Hall to open on Monday for start of classes

The full-service Starbucks in Bauer Hall will open on Monday, Aug. 25 along with the new Bauer Hall Cafe. The Starbucks will accept gift cards and Bear Bucks, but not meal points.

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Knight Hall and Bauer Hall open

Too busy studying for GenChem to go explore the new B-School buildings? Student Life has you covered, with 17 photos of the beautiful new building.

Bear Bucks continues expansion

Bear Bucks is about to get bigger. Within the next several weeks, Half & Half in Clayton, The Good Pie—a new establishment soon opening on the Delmar Loop—and the Starbucks that will be opening in the new business school buildings will be joining the Bear Bucks program, barring unforeseen circumstances.

| News Editor

Contracts being finalized to bring Starbucks to new b-school buildings

Some coffee cups on campus will soon be sporting a familiar green logo, pending final contracts being signed. An Aramark-operated Starbucks franchise is scheduled to open in the new business school buildings upon completion of Knight and Bauer Halls March 1.

| News Manager

Kaldi’s Coffee: A superior choice for students

In recent years, coffee has evolved from an early morning pick-me-up to a product to be slowly savored and enjoyed. In large part, we have Starbucks to thank for this trend, but one question remains: has the corporate titan remained top dog? I would argue that they stay true to their mission, but they have failed to progress in a meaningful way.

| Scene Reporter

New Chai on campus disappoints students

While national political disputes come to a sudden close as midterm election results come out, another major issue continues to rock Washington University’s student body—the new chai latte recipe being served across campus.

| Contributing Reporter

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