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Staff Editorial: Support international graduate student workers

We as an Editorial Board wholeheartedly back the requests listed in the op-ed, seeing them as being both feasible and necessary for the University community. We encourage Washington University’s administration to respond to the coalition’s requests quickly and with the intention to fulfill their requests.

Staff editorial: In our eyes: Diversity on Danforth Campus

In two weeks, shortly after many students return from Thanksgiving Break, Student Life will release a new special issue highlighting diversity on Washington University’s campus, titled “WU: In Focus”.

Staff editorial: Need-blind admissions a necessity, not an ‘ideal’

Becoming a need-blind institution that meets full need could attract more socioeconomic diversity to Washington University, the real “ideal” Wrighton should be looking toward.

Staff editorial: If at first you don’t succeed, join a club

If, like most freshmen, you signed up for dozens of email lists at various activities fairs and have been putting the subsequent email blasts in your spam folder ever since, now would be the best time to give one a chance.

Staff Editorial: Change requires action for Title IX

The prompt release of the University’s changes—in addition to the financial undertaking of adding six full-time staff members—demonstrates the administration’s commitment to the cause: It shows that they are willing to make real changes. However, we hope that the pledged changes will translate into tangible improvements to survivors’ experiences with Title IX.

Staff Editorial: University requires a single-system solution

Switching to Canvas is an improvement as far as medium goes; however, things will not get better unless teachers learn how to use the new system and begin to post grades.

Staff Editorial: New Bear Beginnings must preserve pre-o’s key qualities

While we applaud the University administration for wanting to create an even playing field encompassing of all students, we believe that this can be achieved without sacrificing the best parts of the programs. To us, the quintessential qualities of the pre-orientation experience are their independent, supportive atmosphere with student-led activities and ability to recruit for student groups on campus.

WILD opener lives up to hype

In the past, Student Life has criticized Washington University’s Social Programming Board for it’s lack of cognizance of student wants or transparency, but, this time, we have to hand it to them—they did a pretty good job. Jason Derulo, while not the first name most people think of when picking a concert to attend, is a well-liked and reasonable pick.

Welcome back: Our staff’s advice for incoming freshmen

With the start of school comes a lot of unsolicited advice from parents, professors and peers alike. And just like the rest of them, we at Student Life know a lot about campus and how to navigate it.

A thank you for knowing how to do our jobs better than we ever could

As we quickly come to the close of the 2015-2016 academic year, the editorial board of Student Libel would like to commend each and every student on this campus for understanding journalism better than we do. Granted, it shouldn’t be hard to put out more consistent and non-biased news than a group of uneducated, click-baity, Greek-hating, illiterate trolls, but we congratulate you nonetheless.

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