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Staff Editorial: Our Fall 2024 course recommendations

This week, WashU students are picking their courses for the Fall 2024 semester. While they may be last-minute, we hope that our Student Life editorial staff recommendations can help you make final scheduling decisions.

Staff Editorial: The case against SU’s anonymity

By voting anonymously, SU undermines not only its own legitimacy but also democratic norms at large.

Staff Editorial: Rebuilding WashU sports culture starts with students

If we want to send the administration a message that we want them to care more about sports, we first need to show them that we, as a student body, actually care about sports. 

Staff Editorial: How to support the Right to Reproductive Freedom Initiative

The Student Life Editorial Board encourages WashU students to register to vote in Missouri and support this vital initiative.

Staff Editorial: Expanding on Student Love

Yes, Student Love is fun. But it’s not about the statistics, the sexy photos, or even the tradition. It’s about creating conversation. And it’s for you.

Staff Editorial: If you’re raising tuition, tell us where it’s going

This year’s tuition raise is the highest since 2014 with little to no information on how the money will be spent.

Staff Editorial: Last-minute tips on picking your housing for next year

Make sure to read our 2024 Housing Guide if you need some extra help!

Staff Editorial: It’s never too late to join clubs

If you’re a freshman who couldn’t find their footing in the first few months of college; a junior who’s trying to pick up something new; or, yes, even a senior who’s been eyeing that one club for years but never had the time — just do it. 

Staff Editorial: Navigating Thanksgiving Break

Whether you’re getting on a plane to see family, road-tripping to a friend’s house, or staying local, be mindful of the variety of experiences and emotions this time of year can bring.

Staff Editorial: Get your flu shot and COVID-19 booster

Here is a list of places to get your flu shots and COVID-19 boosters to make the process even easier.

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