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The St. Louis Metro: Two States, One City, Thousands of Strangers

I am certainly no expert voice on transit, nor on St. Louis. But what I can do is hold a microphone (read: my horribly cracked iPhone 7, opened to Voice Memos) to people I hope have more authority on the Metro and their city than I do — everyday riders.

| Managing Scene Editor

Reasons to watch Super Bowl LVI that aren’t football

Even if you’re not a football fan, there might still be merit in watching Super Bowl LVI. Our staff has four alternate motivations for you.

Rooted in St. Louis: ‘Dirt’ is a dirty word

Soil, known to some farmers as black gold, is as much a necessity as water, but is nowhere near as simple. Beneath your feet lives a complex chemical stew of geologic and organic components, of swimming microbes and rhizomatic networks.

| Staff Writer

Basketball sophomore Jessica Brooks on a double-overtime win over Chicago, her gameday playlist and her TikTok feed

Brooks scored 32 points in the Bears’ double-overtime win over U Chicago earlier this month.

| Senior Sports Editor

Celebrating Josephine Baker, a disrupter of ‘conventions and boundaries’

St. Louis-born Josephine Baker was the first woman of color to be entombed in France’s Panthéon for her work in the French Resistance during World War II. Chancellor Andrew Martin, Mayor Tishaura Jones and others took part in a Nov. 30 event to celebrate her life and legacy.

| Senior Scene Editor

Clean our Green: WU senior sets out to complete mammoth park clean-up project

While the Wash. U. environment has a dedicated team behind it, most smaller parks in St. Louis do not.

| Staff Writer

Businesses on Delmar Loop adapt to changing landscape; WU community helps keep doors open

The spread of COVID-19 and frequently changing guidelines have contributed to the difficulties that small businesses on the Delmar Loop have grappled with over the past year.

| News Editor

Parents, students call for increased COVID-19 testing and transparency in spring semester

With Washington University’s COVID-19 testing policies remaining largely unchanged from the fall semester, parents and students have called for more frequent COVID-19 testing and increased transparency for the spring semester.

Orli Sheffey | News Editor

New working group seeks to facilitate student-neighborhood partnerships

Senior Sophie Scott has worked with junior Anne He to start a working group dedicated to creating a lasting system for those connections between University student groups and St. Louis community organizations that could use their skills or services.

| Associate Editor

Breaking outside of the WU bubble: Senior creates tutoring program to support St. Louis area students during the pandemic

For many public school families in the greater St. Louis area, the announcement that learning would transition into a mostly online format was met with a mixed response. On one hand, a seemingly never-ending pandemic deserves a socially distanced approach. On the other hand, students, especially younger children, were expected to break all sorts of […]

| Staff Writer

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